Thursday, June 12, 2014

Carbon copy kitties

A most unusual scene in our house ..where we have no bonded pairs of kitties ...just 4 very independent souls who really don't have any interest in others unless someone is in chase mode.  In fact, yesterday was the proverbial den of snakes where we kept hearing hissing in various parts of the house. Angel is often on the receiving end of a chase so the hissing will come from his end.  Sadie's first response when she sees a cat or dog coming her way is to hiss at the offender until she finally turns tail and runs away.

Hubby saw this "book end" tableau play out earlier this week. Sadie had curled herself up on the chair and was fast asleep.  Angel carefully made his way into the empty space she had left and tucked his little body into the opening. Within minutes we had two sleeping kitties sharing one space (and no hissing anywhere!)


MTVA said...

I wonder what happened when the first one woke up! Perhaps a sleepy hissss of disgust, and immediate jumping down. Or maybe even a swat or two! So nice to see them napping peacefully together.

Nice to see Spike keeping you company in the previous post also. Cats can be so comforting. (When they want to be!)

Everycat said...

It's nice to see them work it out together, even if one has to sneak in