Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Seumas - The Early Days


Seumas (a fine Scottish name for a Shetland Sheepdog) joined our family last year when he was just over 8 weeks old.  We knew Girly's remaining time with us would be numbered in months rather than years and we wanted to have a little pup who would be a reminder of our beloved old gal.  We have never had a young pup before since our dogs have come to us after they have spent their puppyhood with owners who later decided that they were not going to take care of these sweet dogs the way they should be looked after (some people don't deserve the privilege of owning pets - enough said).

Within the first week Seumas had a taste of where he placed in the hierarchy.  Sadie climbed on top of his cage and acted as if the pup wasn't even there.  Angel was already used to sharing the couch with Girly so hardly missed a beat when Seumas was placed at the end of the couch. After a wary look at each other, they both settled in and fell asleep, oblivious to anything around them.

Seumas quickly learned how to climb up on the back of the couch (better to see everything and everyone around him!) and he is the only dog in the family to show any interest in this - usually this is the cats' domain.   Although in this case it was probably my food that caught his interest. And being a typical pup, the couch was also a prime sleeping spot.  In fact I am just looking across the living room and I can see a much larger Seumas stretched out on the couch, with his head on one of my good feather cushions.  He, like Girly and Angel, knows that it is important to keep me company in the living room, when I am the only human down here late into the evening.

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MTVA said...

How nice to see Seumas in his early puppy days! I do so love the picture with his paws up in the air, so cute!