Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seumas Checking out Angel

Seumas, still called "the pup" even though he is 15 months old now, has a bad habit of sniffing cats.  He follows them around the house, sniffing at nether regions. He goes up to them when they are sitting on the coffee table and sniffs their faces.  Angel is usually quite patient but even he is starting to draw the line at this habit.  Seumus was going in for a close up view of Angel and was sticking his nose right in front of Angel's mouth.  Bad move! Angel had enough at this point and opened his mouth, ready to sink those sharp little cat teeth into a soft tender dog nose.  Fortunately Seumas realized what Angel's intent was and beat a hasty retreat!

1 comment:

MTVA said...

Keep that sniffer out of harm's way, Seumas! Has the pup been around all this while, or is he a newbie? Either way, he is adorable!