Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sadie in a "toasty" warm place

Sadie chooses the strangest places to sleep. We find her up on a blanket by the bookcase, tucked into an open suitcase, curled up on the top of a shoe box, stretched out on the dog bed.....anywhere that she decides makes a good sleeping spot. The other day we came into the kitchen and found her crammed into the small space between the toaster oven and the overhead kitchen cabinet. Her head is up against the fridge and, with no room left on the toaster oven, her tail hangs down.

Fortunately, we rarely use this toaster oven so she was perfectly safe. But I do worry about some of the places she chooses.  When she falls asleep she won't hear anything happening around her...even the vibrations on the floor when we walk by are not enough to rouse her from a deep slumber. Usually the other cats do not bother her when she is asleep (a different story when she is awake!) and the dogs typically ignore her (except for Seumas and his sniffing habit) so we haven't had a problem yet.   


MTVA said...

Sadie looks so sweet curled up there. It's a good thing she didn't pick the cushy loaf of bread to rest upon!

Mama Bear said...

Although Sadie hasn't figured that out yet, Spike has done so occasionally. He just drapes his big body over the middle of the bread bag and looks totally content. And. of course, looks aggrieved when I haul him off it!

The Lee County Clowder said...

We sure Sadie will move if that little oven ever gets to hot for her.

Of course, you moving her tail out of the way will probbly move her before that.