Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spike enjoys sitting on our coffee table when we are watching TV - very sociable when it is on his terms.  We had placed a cat cushion on the table for his comfort but after seeing it slide onto the floor a few times when a heavy cat body launched himself onto it we knew we had to find a better solution. We were at Winners the other day...walking around and "window shopping" inside the store - when we saw a large tray. The edge looked high enough to contain the cushion and it seemed like it would be large enough. But...this wouldn't have been the first time that my eye was a poor substitute for a tape measure so I reluctantly left the tray.

When we measured at home and then went back to the store I was relieved to see it was still there.  We have learned there is a a rule of thumb when shopping at both Winners and Costco...if you like something you see, buy it right then since it probably won't be there the next time you are back.

We stuffed the cat cushion into the tray and waited.  Before long we had a couple of sniffers coming by to check out the latest acquisition. Although hard to see in the photo, the tray has a faux snake finish so maybe they thought we had a new pet!  Apparently the new snoozing option has been met with favour since we now have two regular occupants - Spike and Angel.  Of course, if Angel is occupying the cushion and Spike comes by, it is just a matter of minutes before Spike moves in. As is his usual practice, Spike starts off with an innocent sniff at Angel's ear which is quickly followed by a soft paw to the face or backside. Grudgingly, Angel gets up and looks for another Spike-free spot.

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Everycat said...

Your very beautiful cats have trained you so well. That's a very neat idea, looks very comfy!