Saturday, May 3, 2014

A handsome guest

Imagine you are driving through the city at night, heading over a bridge, when out of the corner of your eye you see what looks like a little rabbit.  Curious, you stop and get out to look a little more closely. Then you realize it is a little black kitten who has been hit by a car and whose tail has been run over.

Fast forward 12 years, and you are holding a sleek, warm, loving cat who looks up at you with the most amazing green eyes. The little stub of a tail that has been left after the vet amputated the balance of the damage is wiggling back and forth, showing the love and affection this cat has for you.

That is the story of Lynn and Champ.  Champ's name comes from the Champlain Bridge where he was rescued by Lynn.

We have been fortunate to have Champ visit with us for almost two weeks and we have grown to love the little purring machine during his time here.  He had his own room, with cat beds, cat tent, bookcase set up by the window for cat TV and a dark, quiet cupboard for him to go in whenever he felt the need for safety.  He could hear and smell the other cats in the household and often he would see a little white paw reaching under the door from the other side.   He met the two younger dogs, both of whom desperately wanted to stick their heads through the bedroom door and have a sniff.  He has his own Sheltie companion at home so exhibited no concern about the little wet black noses sniffing at his face.

It took him a day to get used to me. At first  he would either head into his travelling cat bag or into the cupboard. Within a few minutes his little face would peek out, and he would watch me intently with those beautiful green eyes of his.   Not my first cat I knew just to sit patiently and keep talking to him. Of course, a cat treat or two always helps!

Once he was used to me, I would come in to visit with my coffee and book.  Sometimes he would sit on the desk just behind my shoulder and purr, sometimes he would roll on the carpet and sharpen a claw or two (on the carpet...not on me!) When he wasn't getting enough attention (read: scratching ear, rubbing side of face, patting back) he would jump up on my lap and push his head against my hand or arm.  He has the sweetest soft little meow and he always knew when I was walking by the other side of the door since it would be quiet until I was almost by the door then I would hear than plaintive call for attention. The song of the siren..which would call to both my younger son and myself.  Hard to say no ...and I must admit I was a little late to work one day since I just had to pop in to give him just a few more head scratches before I left!

He is now back home and the guest room is sadly empty. Aaah...if only all guests were such a delight!

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MTVA said...

What a lovely story. To think all this love would have been missed if your friend had not saved him. How much richer our lives are - and of course theirs - because of little rescued sweeties like this dear one.