Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome Cat at the Nursing Home

My dad is temporarily in respite care at a nursing home and on our first visit we saw this sweet "welcome" cat.  Dusty, who appears to be of Himalayan ancestry, often sits right by the front door. She wanders through the halls, sometimes popping into one of the resident rooms. My dad, unfortunately, is a confirmed dog lover, with no interest in cats, and doesn't see the same appeal I do in a friendly, cuddly cat.  My mother is the true cat lover in our family and will tolerate a dog now and then.  I, as readers know by now, love both cats and dogs!


Mr Puddy said...

You love cat and dog. I used to know my mom is a cat pawson but I didn't know when I'm not around she is a TRAITOR !!!!!

MTVA said...

What a lovely cat! We hope your dad is coming along nicely and feeling well.