Saturday, January 4, 2014

Spike and Sadie getting used to the idea of sharing

When we bought a new leather chair from Ikea a few months ago (after the pup savaged our old chair) Sadie was quick to claim it as her own. I bought a nice red pillow with cream stitching and as soon as it was on the chair, Sadie pulled at it until it flipped over and then she curled on top of the cushion.  I guess the cream embroidery stitching must have been uncomfortable. Yesterday Spike did something very unusual and sat beside Sadie.  His normal approach is to poke at the occupant until the space is empty and then he takes over (see photo below!).  This time he squeezed in beside Sadie and sat there for almost half an hour.  Sadie must have been fast asleep because she didn't even stir when Spike claimed half of the cushion for himself.

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MTVA said...

What is sweeter than a kitty cozily curled up in a chair? Answer: TWO kitties on a chair! The cold weather we are having certainly encourages cuddling up - hope you all are warm enough!