Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What Cats Do on a Holiday

The long awaited holiday weekend came...and all of us in the house took full advantage of a day of peace and quiet. Sadie made herself comfortable on hubby's leg. Angel stayed up in the bedroom tucked into a little ball.

And Spike....well, Spike was just being himself...nest napper on a large scale.  He decided that the dog bed would be just the spot to stretch out in.  He could probably smell a wee bit of himself from the last time he usurped this bed..but clearly the dog smell wasn't enough to deter him.


Cat said...

Looks like exactly what went on at our house over the long weekend - LOL!!!

MTVA said...

Every day is a holiday when you're a cat! And not even woofie-smell will deter Spike from his mission!