Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Happy Spike

I am back from Vegas and just getting caught up on the To Do list (which does include cuddling a cat or two).  I enjoyed my visit with Trish at Katnip Lounge and had a great time relaxing in the catio with good company.  Trish sent back a "I care" package for the kitties here which included a new treat for them ...valerian. When I returned home, it took me a couple of days to get everything unpacked and I still had the treats tucked away in my suitcase, expecting to take it out for the weekend.  On Thursday, hubby noticed Spike rubbing up against the side of the suitcase, sniffing all around the zipper. That was our first hint we were going to have some happy kitties.  

This morning I walked by Sadie, all curled up on top of one of our boxes of Raisin Bran. The box was on its side and Sadie had squashed the part of the box in, probably to make it a more comfortable sleeping spot.  I thought this would make an interesting photo so was going to send hubby over to take a photo at some point. On my way back to the living room, I took the treats out of my suitcase and headed over to the chair to sit down for a few minutes with my coffee.  I heard the clicking of claws on the floor and looked up to see Sadie coming out, on a direct course for the valerian.  I let her sniff the package and didn't even have it open before she was rolling on the floor and looking decidedly silly!  

Spike came in to join Sadie within 2 minutes..and he had also been sleeping soundly last time I saw him. He was trying to bite through the bag, madly licking at the outside and desperate to get it opened. The first photo above shows his first lick of valerian.  Then I brought out one of the tickle feather treats and he put on his meerkat impression trying to grab the feather (all licked and chewed right now...I am glad Trish put in several more for all of the cats to enjoy!),  The next photo shows Sophie coming up to share the fun..she also wanted to sniff and taste the valerian ...but settled for a bite of the feather.

Last photo...a quick snap of Trish and I out in the catio...enjoying fresh air and cat company!


Katnip Lounge said...

hee hee! I know some kitties that will be TIRED tonight! I had a blast meeting you...come and visit any time!

MTVA said...

Lucky you, getting to meet all the famouse residents of Katnip Lounge! It must have been loads of fun. And that new treat for the kitties - I've got to see if I can find some for my boys.

Mama Bear said...

You'll have to let us know how the boys like the valerian. I couldn't believe the reaction of all of our furries..and I still catch Sadie licking at the side of my suitcase when she thinks no one is watching!

Cat said...

My boys go crazy when catnip comes out, valerian might just send them over the top - LOL!! Must have been great to see the catio in person :-)