Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spike in a Box

Spike has been a happy cat for several days this week. We picked up an HP printer at Costco for a great price last week and as soon as hubby had unpacked the printer, Spike quickly laid claim to the box. First, he jumped into the box from the coffee table and then flipped it over on the side. He sat for awhile, looking out, and then started to roll around in the box. We had to pull him out so we could move the box out of our way and then decided to put it in the dining room for a couple of days until he lost interest.

After four days, he was still going in there on a regular basis but unfortunately we had decided to return the printer and needed the box back. Again...tip the box...dump cat out on floor...and see aggrieved look on cat face!


Katnip Lounge said...

Poor Spike! We hope you snagged a spare box from Costco as a concilliatory replacement.

Mr Puddy said...

OH Spike, I'm sure your mom will get the new box for you cause you look so cute in there : )

The Island Cats said...

Spike, we're sorry you lost your box...we hope you get a new one!!

Cat said...

LOL!!! Nothing like a nice box to play in we always say! Poor Spike though, too bad it had to go back :-(