Friday, June 4, 2010

A "rescue" kitty

Isn't this a darling little face? Two months ago this was a frightened little kitty, running madly in between cars on a highly travelled street. Fortunately, a kind hearted person stopped her car right in the middle of traffic, and with the help of an off duty firefighter, she was able to catch the trembling kitty and get him to safety. The little tyke was very skinny, with rough looking paw pads, indicating his life at that time may well have been as rough as his paw pads. Within an hour, he was tucked away in an office, gobbling up a can of cat food as if he hadn't eaten a proper meal in quite some time. The door to the office kept opening and closing as the many cat lovers in the building heard the news and came down for a cuddle. By the end of the day, he was ready to go home with his new owner, after she had checked with the significant other to make sure there would be a welcome at the formerly "cat..less" condo. After a little operation on the nether region and much loving, he has turned into a sleek, well fed and very happy cat!

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Cat said...

I love a happy ending!!!