Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mount Everest

Spike has 3 favorite activities - looking out the window (even if he has to push aside one of the other cats who is already at the window), sleeping (anywhere, anytime, in any seemingly uncomfortable position) or sitting up as high as he can possibly get(and look down at all of us with silent contempt that we do not have that incredible agility to climb up onto the various "Mount Everest"s throughout the house). He jumps effortlessly right up onto the bookcase from the coffee table and simply turns around, once he has jumped up, to survey his kingdom. He knows he is not supposed to be up there...but he also knows that it is difficult for us to reach him so he simply backs up when he sees us reach up. This puts him even further out of reach and closer to some of the other objects up on the bookcase - almost as if he is threatening to knock those down if we dare try to grab any part of his body!

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