Saturday, July 26, 2014

IKEA shopping - but I didn't see this in the store

We were at Ikea the other day (one of my favorite shopping places!) and picked up some plastic storage boxes, among other things.  I left them in our dining room for just a few minutes when I went to unload groceries in the kitchen and came back to this sight.  There was very little available room in the box but somehow Angel managed to wiggle his way in, although he didn't have enough room to sit down. The fuzzy head just barely visible in the foreground belongs to a curious sheltie, trying to see what the appeal of the box is. I must say, I was puzzled too.  Cardboard boxes...attractive to all our cats.  Plastic boxes - very rarely.

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MTVA said...

Those tiny, cozy little places just seem to be a magnet for our kitties!