Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sadie enforcing a work break

As you know by now, Sadie chooses the oddest places to curl up in.  I have been busy working on my laptop most evenings and typically just pop it down in my chair when I go to get a coffee refill.  I was out of the living room for less than 5 minutes and when I came back I found Sadie curled just behind my laptop, already fast asleep.  I expect the residual heat at the back of the laptop may have provided some of the appeal..but really did not look like a comfortable sleeping spot. She was not happy when I went to pick her me a baleful glare, with one eye still partially closed.  She lets her body go limp and just hangs there when I haul her over to another more suitable place to sleep.  But. of course, the relocation is not what she wants, so she quickly scurries off to find another place of her choosing.

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MTVA said...

They do like a pre-warmed place to nest, don't they?!

Happy 2014 to you and all the furry ones!