Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Rare Sight in This House

I know many of you have cats that willingly cuddle together...and I have bemoaned the fact it doesn't happen here. my surprise...I found a photo opportunity that I had to leverage quickly before the joy of proximity changed to the pain of personal space invasion.  Angel had been fast asleep on the cat bed when Spike came up and carefully stepped into the empty space left at the side (since this is actually a large dog bed it provides plenty of space). As Spike wiggled in that chubby body of his, the fur on his side must have tickled Angel's nose. Angel opened one eye warily but decided against a quick exodus. Instead he closed that eye and snuggled his face into the cushion in the cat bed.  Spike watched him for a few seconds and then put his head down to go to sleep.


Cat said...

Oh my gosh its wonderful. I love kitties cuddling especially when it is not their normal behaviour, makes it so special!!!! Perhaps they are mellowing and it will happen more often from now on :-)

MTVA said...

And it's not even winter, where you might expect some cold weather cuddling to happen! It's so sweet to see them together, hope it becomes a habit.

Katnip Lounge said...

We too hopes that this is the start of something beautiful!