Friday, January 27, 2012

Winston is ready to go shopping

Winston belongs to one of my friends (he has visited the blog before) and he is in fine form here.  Th e shopping bag was accidentally left unattended on the floor ..and in a flash there was a matching black tail hanging out of the bag. A quick turn around - and a handsome face popped out. Winston is lucky to have an owner who loves to play with him..and as soon as she took a few photos to capture the moment she was down on the floor helping Winston enjoy his new (but temporary) toy.


Katnip Lounge said...

Shopping bags have an appeal to cats I will never understand! They are like boxes, only better, I think. Winston looks quite handsome in his color-coordinated bag.

Jo said...

Aww! Our furry men love them as well. Brotherly love being what it is, I think what they really love is opportunity to beat up on each other :) Great photos of a very handsome cat.

MTVA said...

I'm ready to go shopping - as long as I can carry Winston home with me in that shopping bag!