Saturday, August 20, 2011

If it looks like a box - it belongs to Spike

On Friday, we were putting together some items no longer in use to drop off at the the local thrift store. (Note: this cat was not one them!) We had hunted around the house for empty boxes and while we were filling a couple of smaller boxes, I had placed a larger box on the dining room table. You will probably see it doesn't look level and that is due to the fact it is precariously perched on several books we were deciding whether to keep or give away. This did not deter Spike one bit. We came back into the house after walking the woofies and this is the view that greeted us!

There are only two cats in the household that love boxes this much. Angel always tries to crawl in any empty box, then he chews on the outside edge before quickly climbing out. Spike prefers to get comfortable and stay there for some length of time. In fact, we have a box lid in the family room by the window where he likes to rest in the afternoon. I think he realized this box was too shaky to rest in and not long after the photo was taken he decided it was time to get out and look for another suitable sleeping spot.


Cat said...

LOL, too cute :-) At our house boxes are like cat magnets for everybody!!!

MTVA said...

Spike is intent on world domination! Especially in search of the newest and best place to perch. I think he would have stayed there longer if some other cat had been displaced and wanted their box back!