Friday, July 29, 2011

Spike eating his greens

Spike has not been happy with our ongoing enforcement of his diet. Dry food is being regulated although he still uses his keen sense of smell to alert him to the times I do try to put dry food down for the other three. He is close in weight to Mr Puddy (currently weighing in at 15.2 pounds) and looking to hang onto every ounce. Here you see the innocent look after we caught him chewing on some greenery in the house.

The other night hubby heard a thump in the kitchen and found that Spike had managed to chew his way into elder son's closed pizza box, the thump being two pieces of pizza being knocked onto the floor. With all the floof floating along with Spike, there isn't even a 1 second rule for food on the floor - it simply goes right into the garbage bin. Normally we don't leave any food out..and on the odd occasion we forget to put it away, we have never come back to see any bites taken or food missing. Now Spike is on the lookout for any unattended food and we do have to be more careful. Even the dog treats now have to be put away where Spike can't reach.


Fage said...

Awe, so hungry!! >.<

Katnip Lounge said...

Poor Spike! Our Johnny is almost 18 pounds, but according to the vet, not fat, just a HUGE cat. (We joke that he got in the "size" line and not the "brains" one.)
Does Spike play? That's a good attention re-director and it burns calories, too. Our deaf boy LOVED chasing the laser dot and he'd go up and down the hall until he was panting.