Saturday, April 30, 2011

Angel is looking for the limelight

This morning I was woken up by a raspy tongue on my nose...Angel's trademark wake call when I am not paying him the attention he feels he deserves. He is the elder in the household and has had many changes in his life here as more animals come into his life. For a cat that spent his first 5 years with his previous owner as a "single" cat he has adjusted well to the changes here. We have recently brought in two more rescue woofies into the household (the Ark doors are now closed!) and Angel has accepted the presence of these with barely a wary look. The three woofies sleep in our room at night in various spots on the carpet and Angel bravely walks by these in order to come sleep on the bed (his place is at the end of the bed, well established over the past years that he has been here). A woofie or two (or three) will not deter him from a comfortable night's sleep.

One of his favorite places to observe the world at large is on the back of one of our chairs in the living room (just a quick jump away from his favorite green cat bed on seat of this chair).


Katnip Lounge said...

A raspy tongue is far better than a noisy old alarm clock any day! Angel can come wake me up whenever he wants. And such a brave (singleminded?) chap, too.

Mr Puddy said...

" A Raspy Tongue Wake Up ! " I think that's so sweet !!!
and he sound like a legend !.. For some old cat used to live single and adjust himself to live with others, That was unbelievable ! Especially, with all those woffies !!

Have a lovely weekend
and Stay Cool : )

MTVA said...

He knows you belong to him - and he won't let any old woofers get in the way of that!

It must be lots of fun in your house, with so many furry paws padding about - especially when it's meal time!

Cat said...

Angel is a generous cat to share his house with so many :-)