Friday, March 25, 2011

It is Ladies Night

Sadie loves to curl up on a nice warm lap in between naps in her cat bed. She usually prefers to sit on younger son or hubby but a couple of times she has decided to sit with me for a few minutes. I had just put my laptop down the other day and I saw her looking at me from her cat bed (it sits on a file box right beside the laptop stand). She climbed out and slowly ambled over to sit on my leg, honoring me with her presence for about ten minutes.
This is one of my favorite photos of Sadie. The quality is not great, since we grabbed younger son's camera phone for a quick shot. She has stretched out on younger son and looks totally comfortable. She stayed this way for quite some time, purring happily.

When I saw Sadie stretched out, it made me think of some of the earlier Schmoo cartoons. You might remember that her original name was Schmoo and then we changed it to Sadie, in honor of the independent woman in the same Lil Abner cartoon. My son, being of a younger generation, has no memory of the Schmoo so I thought I'd show him one of the happy creatures!


Katnip Lounge said...

I see the connection! I had forgotten about Schmoo being her original name. Silly girl, it really fit!

MTVA said...

That is a very Schmoo-like pose Sadie has going on there! I love when they get like that, in such a pear-shape!

I also liked Spike staring intently at the squirrel in your last post. What would our kitties do without the daily squirrel show going on outside?!