Friday, May 7, 2010

I am Alpha Cat

The world according to Spike: "I am alpha cat and the rest of you are my minions, who will not disturb me when I am resting." After the first early days of hiding under the headboard, Spike's natural tendencies have surfaced and he is very clear on his position in the family. He simply glances at Girly on his way to the latest sitting spot, with a grand swish of his tail as he passes by. Girly is learning that in our house "cats rule"....but more so because they have been with us for several years and have established habits and safe havens. She has been very good with two out of three cats but is still finding her way with Sebastian. We think that perhaps Sebastian had a run in with a dog (or two) when he was out on the streets so he is predisposed to distrust any dog, no matter how friendly it may be. And of course, when he growls and hisses, then Girly growls back. Early days though...with time this should at least settle into a wary truce, with no harm done on either side.

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