Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Xmas

Not exactly filled with the Christmas spirit, Spike shows his displeasure with being woken up to sport a seasonally appropriate ornament. Angel's wearing of the green (and red) was equally short lived...his ornament had long pieces of chiffon ribbon that looked too temptingly like a favorite toy.

After a 5:00 AM Christmas dinner for all pets and a quick walk for the woofies, all are now settled down for a nice long nap, leaving just the two humans in the house awake to wish all readers a Merry Xmas!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Start posting my photos!

The look of a cat who is exasperated with the person who is not posting his photos or writing about him! Also this is the very same look at about 5 AM in the morning when he comes over to my face and stares at me, willing me to crawl out of a nice warm bed and come downstairs to feed him.  This previously was hubby's job, who rises even earlier than this.  He feeds the four woofers first and then the four cats not long after 5 AM hits.  I, on the other hand, would push Angel away from my face, and pull the covers over me so he couldn't start licking my nose as his second step in the "wake up" process.  However, in the past four months, I have been getting up around this time so that I can walk the pup.  Although he goes out at the same time as the other woofers, the two old girls don't appreciate the young feisty boy in their life and are likley to try and take a bite out of him. And since I am now up at this time I usually have the task of feeding the cats while hubby takes care of the ravenous dogs. I am definitely not a morning person but Angel doesn't worry about that..he is smart enough to understand the implications of the change in routine so he is now much more persistent in the AM if I am not getting up when he thinks I should!