Saturday, February 27, 2010

Turn that heat back on!

One would almost think it is too cold in the house for our well furred little cat. Most times he is curled up on this chair with his head stretched out on the padded arm. It was a bit chilly this past week, dropping to -19 and Angel's chair is right by the front door. We found him with his little pink nose tucked underneath his warm paw - not sure how he breathes comfortably with his nose pressed against the blanket and the fur from his paw covering the top of his nose.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Where Did I Leave that Foot?

Usually our photos of Angel relaxing look like a "copy paste" onto a chair, couch, bed, box, floor, etc. This time we saw him in a most unusual pose with his back leg poking out, looking perfectly comfortable.After a quick check to make sure he wasn't sitting on another of our white cats, we left him there to enjoy his solitude.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I am coming to see you!

Angel is always on the lookout for food - whether it is in his dish or on some unsuspecting human's plate. He has an unerring nose that seems to sniff out food no matter where it is being consumed. As mentioned before, he will wake us up when he is hungry by finding an unguarded human nose and licking it (not a very nice alarm clock, particularly at 6:00 AM!) In the late evening, as soon as someone heads to the kitchen, Angel runs out to his food dish and sits there patiently until some food shows up. He will wait up to 10 minutes, only giving up when the kitchen is vacated. If someone takes food into the living room, Angel will quickly find the shortest distance to get to that food, even if he has to walk across a chair and a coffee table. If we are not paying attention, that wet little nose will be soon be sniffing the plate in anticipation of a quick bite or two before someone notices!