Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spike finds new use for low flush toilet

Papa Bear had decided it is time to replace the last of our water guzzling toilets so picked up a high efficiency dual flush toilet from Costco the other week. As soon as the box was brought into the house, Spike decided that this was another ideal sleeping spot, just for him. This is one of his more peaceful poses, and he does just fit, if he keeps his back legs tucked in. A couple of times we have walked by the box and found him fast asleep with his back legs and tail hanging over the end of the box. He has also found another use for the box, which is not making him a popular cat at the moment. Since this box is right by a bookcase, Spike has found that if he stretches up and balances on the bookcase, he can hook his paw around some of the items on the shelf and throw them to the floor. In order to reach the shelf he is interested in, he is stretched out almost full length. Papa Bear has tried a couple of times to capture a photo of this activity but Spike is well aware that he is not supposed to be on the bookcase, so he quickly scampers away when he sees us coming. He does not hear us but he can sense the vibrations of the footsteps so he is alerted to any movement coming closer to him!

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