Friday, March 5, 2010

Sebastian and the Squirrel

Papa Bear sprinkled several scoops of sunflower seeds in the front of the house with the expectation that this would attract many birds - for our cats' viewing pleasure. Before long the first "bird" showed up - a squirrel who looked remarkably well fed already. When I looked out the window, it wasn't intimidated by my face close to the glass and it simply kept eating. I brought Sebastian over for a closer look and he quickly hopped down, getting right up to the window for a closer look. His back legs twitched a little, looking like he was getting ready to try and take a leap through the window. Those big ears are pricked back and he is staring intently, not taking his eyes off the squirrel. Unfortunately, the squirrel decided he had eaten enough and went on his way, leaving a sorrowful cat, still in wait at the front window, just in case his prey re-appeared.

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