Monday, April 27, 2009

Romeo and his pet goldfish

Our friends have a very unusual cat - he has a pet of his own. Yes - that is a live goldfish in the bowl and he is perfectly safe swimming around underneath Romeo's wet tongue. Every day Romeo jumps on the table for a quick drink - but he never reaches in for a tasty little fish snack. If this goldfish bowl was on our table, we would only see a flash of orange as he disappeared into the mouth of one of our cats!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Romeo's mom. Just to let you know, Sushi thinks she has nine lives like a cat. She died on us one week before Easter and I gave her CPR using a straw. On Sunday, Sushi jumped out of her bowl. Luckily I was there to put her back.

Anonymous said...

My cat looks very similar to that one and he has adopted a small stuffed bear as his pet. He will carry it around the house, always meowing at it and even brings it to bed sometimes. Everytime I put his toys away, his pet is the first thing back out of the toy box. It's really sweet - it reminds me of a little girl and her dolly :)