Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Cat Tale

Each cat in our family has a distinctive tail. The fluff cat has a long plume of fur and he walks proudly, waving his tail in the air. When he is being held in someone's arms and is not happy, he sweeps his tail back and forth like a big feather duster wiping a bookcase. Sebastian appears to have a normal tail until something scares him - then it turns into a thick bristle brush of a tail at the turn of a dime. We aren't sure what frightens him - since all we see is a cat running by us heading to the safety of younger son's room. When he is in his relaxed mode, his tail still doesn't settle down - he walks with his tailed curled like a question mark. In fact, this is the way we can tell the difference between Sebastian and Angel at a distance. They both have the same body type and length of fur - and even their heads are similar in size and shape. However, when Angel walks by, his tail is usually held parallel to the ground and we can quickly tell which one is up and about.
But Angel has an unusual characteristic that has earned him the nickname "hook tail". Whenever he is sitting on a shlef, table or cupboard, his tail curls up to create a hook at the end. In this photo, his tail actually has curled right underneath the table. We tried to unhook him but as soon as we stopped, his tail went right back into the curled shape you see here.

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