Saturday, April 24, 2021

The New House Guests

 Two months ago the first of the new house guests showed up.  At first they were hidden from sight and we assumed they had arrived, when their mama went from being a slow moving round bellied kitty to a sleek and sneaky kitty.   We managed to see where she was sneaking off to and found 4 little furry beings tucked away in a basement closet. After some unfriendly negotiations we were able to get mama and 4 newborn kitties up to their own bedroom upstairs.

Within 2 weeks the other feral Kitty we had brought in from the cold gave birth to her own 4 kittens. She originally had 5 kittens but one was stillborn.  I had come home for lunch, which is unusual for me, and when I came into the bedroom I saw she was in the middle of giving birth. One of the other kittens was lying in the middle of the floor, cold to the touch, but when I looked more closely, I could see its little mouth move so I cleaned it off quickly and warmed it up. By the time I brought it back, mama kitty (AKA Lady Grey) had three other kittens with her.  I popped the little grey kitten back in with her and trusted her motherly instinct to kick in.

Over the next few weeks I will post sneak peeks of the little kitty brood. As with most house guests, they are very welcome here but at some point we hope they will find loving new homes of their own!

The two all black kitties look very much alike but one is actually a short hair black tabby - black on black subtle stripes. The other has fluffy fur and a small white patch on its neck. The little grey tabby has deep green eyes and seems to be a calm little kitty.  On the other hand, the black and white kitty has a lot of energy and a lot of attitude!

More photos of the house guests coming next week.

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