Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Night Line up

Hubby has been busy this week, making sure every cat has a moment in the spotlight. Spike, as you know, loves the limelight, so is always willing to show us his best side. Sebastian is at the other end of the spectrum, and typically dashes off if we move in too close. But..we have them all!
Angel is always curious ear towards the kitchen just in case someone is taking out the margarine...other ear towards the front door just in case there is a chance of a quick sneak outside.
Sadie has laid claim to the brown plaid cat bed in the living room. Persistence has paid off for her and she has managed to convince Spike that this bed really isn't good for him. She has spent a lot of time in here, hissing at Spike when he has come over to investigate. She is a brave kitty to hold her position when a cat twice her size is looming over her. Now it really has become her spot, and she loves to stretch out with her tail and legs curled against the edge of the bed and her head laying over the edge.
Sebastian opens his sleepy eyes to see what is happening. He has a variety of sleeping areas throughout the case and this is the cradle in the spare room. I gave up waiting for hubby to dismantle the cradle and put it in the garage (well..there's a longer story behind that but it would take a whole new blog!) I found a really soft taupe dog blanket and popped it in the cradle. Less than 24 hours later Sebastian had curled up looking oh so comfortable.
And, of course, Spike has to have the last word...or several if we look at what he is sitting on. I suppose he thought he would help distract me from my could I even think of reading when there was such a sweet, loving face in front of me?


MTVA said...

What a beautiful selection of kitties. It's hard to say which one is the prettiest!

T said...

awww a home full of white kitties! was that planned or did it just kind of happen!?

Mama Bear said...

Now that we are at 4 whitesters, it certainly does raise the question! Angel, our first cat, could have been any color and we would have welcomed into our home gladly! I was just happy to be bringing home a new kitty. In my younger years I've had black cats, a black & white mix cat, grey and tiger tabbies ...and for a few years, a pair of seal point siamese. Never any white kitties until Angel. Once Spike joined the family, we jokingly said "well, only two more white kitties needed to replace the last two kids when they leave the house". I guess the joke was on us as the next 2 kitties made their way into the house before our boys left the nest!

Cat said...

What wonderful pictures :-) Spike sure has personality to spare - LOL!

CCL Wendy said...

How lovely to see all your furbabies in one post! It's a tribute to your loving care that they all look so healthy and well-groomed.

I knew Sadie would be the boss eventually! Ladycats rule! Certainly in my house, and in many others that I have heard from.

By the way, Spike is on the LOLSpot today.