Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two window watchers

This is a most unsual scene to see. The kitchen window is a hotly contested spot and even when we do open the window wide enough for two, the hissing of the main occupant, Sebastian, usually scares Angel away. (Sebastian on left, Angel on right). As you've probably seen in earlier posts, each cat is very independent and does not consider any of the other two cats to be a friend - perhaps getting close enough to share a bed but not enough to cuddle up. We had taken Girly (resident woofie) in to the vet for a checkup and purchased some topical flea treatment. The vet provided the standard procedures for application and then asked if any of our cats curled up with the dog. We both laughed out loud - no animal in our house sleeps with any other...unless you include the two-legged variety!

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