Friday, May 29, 2009

Angel's Chair

Early on, Angel adopted this chair for his own. He would jump up, turn around and then sit down facing out so he could see everybody. Then he found other "cat" places that were even more desirable and the chair sat empty for several years. A few months ago, we brought up a soft white blanket from the dryer and placed it on the chair, intending to take it upstairs and put it away in the linen closet. Angel made a beeline for the chair and quickly curled up on the blanket. Ever since, he sleeps on the chair every evening and usually through most of the night. Oddly enough, neither Spike nor Sebastian sit on this chair - although they are quick to share the other choice sleeping areas. We had planned on moving this chair into the dining room but Angel looks so content when he sleeps there that we don't have the heart to do so. Often he pushes his head into the blanket so that all we see is the top part of his head. Every once in a while he looks over with those penetrating green eyes of his - and then tucks himself back into a furry white ball... almost indistinguishable from the matching white blanket.

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